Revival’s universe developed as Theleston, might return to MMO space


While Revival the MMORPG was “indefinitely suspended” back in March of this year, there’s an interesting coda to this story that might be of some comfort to fans. Following the conclusion of the MMO project, the owners of the game universe took hold of the IP and have been working to flesh out this 20-year-old fantasy world ever since.

The continuing project has progressed under the banner of a new website, Here you can read up on the lore of this setting and follow the development of the IP. The team has four phases planned, starting with a pen-and-paper game and working up to a “multiplayer evolving online world” that sounds suspiciously like an MMO.

“Shifting production priorities at IllFonic meant that Revival was put on hold,” the team said, “but Theleston continues in its current form, a fully realized and detailed universe and the perfect setting for strange adventures in any medium, be it tabletop role playing games, fantasy novels, or video games.”

Source: Theleston Lives, About Us. Thanks Andrew!

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