RIFT talks about Starfall Prophecy’s new fortress sieges

RIFT talks about Starfall Prophecy’s new fortress sieges

One of the interesting new features coming to RIFT in this fall’s Starfall Prophecy is the fortress siege system. Fortress sieges allow players to partake in the fantasy of attacking a fortified position, taking the fight to the enemy either as a solo player, in a small group, or as part of a full raid.

“Epic siege battles are something we’ve all longed for in RIFT. Storming a castle, breaking down its walls, and breaching the gates to face the dread foes inside — with Starfall Prophecy this dream becomes a reality,” Trion Worlds’ developers enthused.

The first siege battle announced for the MMO is Xarth’s Skull, where players attempt to stem the influx of enemy forces from this fortress. While single adventurers can only contribute to the fight from the outside of the walls, the more players that band together, the deeper the siege can progress into the inner sanctum.

Source: RIFT

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