Allods Online confronts the Architects in its Blazing Skies update


The final showdown with the mysterious Architects and their Star Gates is at hand. Yesterday, Allods Online flipped the switch to activate its Blazing Skies update, bringing a conclusion to the current storyline while delivering a heap of new content for fans.

Update 7.0.2 also added a single-player mode to run through a simplified version of raids, daily gifts, new features for players’ housing mazes, a skirmish battle log, a training ground for the Misty Glade PvP area. The update opened the door further for two additional race/class combos: the Arisen Inventors and the Gibberling Cannoneers.

The downside? has canceled Dominion matches until the next maintenance.

Check out the Blazing Skies patch trailer below!

Source: Patch notes

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