David Brevik rebuts rumor that he’s working on the Diablo franchise

Dress-up parties.

Over the weekend, we speculated about the rumored possibility that Blizzard might announce Diablo 4 at next month’s BlizzCon (or possibly even a Diablo 2 remaster in time for the anniversary). One source of the fuel for that fire was a series of tweets from Diablo veteran David Brevik, who’d last week tweeted a tease from the Blizzard campus that he was “proud to be the adviser for the game that pushes the [Diablo-like] genre to new heights.”

Alas, ’twas not to be, as Brevik has dumped a bucket of water on the blaze this morning.

Sorry gang. But now I bet you want to know what he is working on, along with what Tom Chilton is working on. Hmmmmmm.

Source: Twitter