Gigantic preps closed beta weekend

Gigantic preps closed beta weekend

While it’s been quiet over the past few months, Gigantic is coming out of its shell for this weekend’s closed beta test. The MOBA has plans for a CBT to run from the 20th through the 23rd with streams planned for those who can’t get in to experience it themselves.

Motiga promised that the closed beta weekend is only the beginning of some “fairly big announcements” coming soon for the multiplayer game. In the meantime, the studio put out a state of the game post to prime the community for good news to come.

In the post, Motiga said that it’s working on polishing systems, refining core mechanics, and stamping out server issue bugs. The team is also getting ready to roll out several new heroes in addition to all of the ones seen in the beta thus far.

“We’re working to build a long-term franchise with Gigantic — one that will continue to grow over the years,” Motiga said.

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