LOTRO releases Update 19: March of the King with new premium housing

Mr. Frodo, the word is given: Lord of the Rings Online is rolling out Update 19: March of the King today.

Update 19 is a major content release for the game that contains a new epic book that follows Aragorn’s march north to Mordor, the North Ithilien zone with over 90 quests, and a flora bartering system.

The update is also notable for the release of LOTRO’s first “premium” housing neighborhood, the Cape of Belfalas. These houses are purchased with mithril coins (which are in turn bought by Turbine points, which are in turn either earned through the game or bought with money) and offer more space and shared storage. Players can now own multiple houses in the MMO.

For all of the details, make sure to read the full patch notes.

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