RIFT says goodbye to CM Ocho, hello to CM Brasse

There’s a changing of the guard this week in RIFT’s community management team. Long-time steward Eric “Ocho” Cleaver has left Trion Worlds to be a director at an unnamed company, putting an end to nearly three years as CM for the MMO. With the departure of Cleaver comes Linda “Brasse” Carlson to take up the reins as RIFT’s newest community manager.

“As of today, I am your RIFT Community Manager in addition to being Director of Community here at Trion,” Carlson wrote in her introduction. “I love RIFT and have nine characters ranging from level 15 to 61 (yeah, yeah, I’m slow, I am a roleplayer with too many alts!). More than half of these are Dwarves — I can’t help myself. I am just starting in PvP thanks to my friend Wren, but I know the rest of the game really well… although admittedly not as well as some of you folks.”

Source: Official forums. Cheers, ZenDadaist.

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