The Exiled gets faster and fiercer with today’s update


If one was to simplify and sum up the entirety of The Exiled’s patch notes for today’s update, it would be, “Everything is better. Much better.

There are major changes to the PvP sandbox across the board, including a smarter and more diverse array of mobs, a fully revamped HUD, streamlined bandwidth, the option of three casting modes, less rubberbanding, and a host of bug fixes.

The team reported that the game as a whole should perform faster thanks to the changes with the patch: “We massively improved the server performance and can now support around [three times] more players on the same server hardware. This also massively improves big fights with many players on the same spot. These big fights now should have improved FPS, too, even though there are still two rendering hiccups that will need to be fixed in the future.”

Source: Patch notes
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