Anarchy Online says that it is coming to Steam ‘soon’

If this game is willing to show itself off despite its age, your game, newer or older, can do the same.

One of the oldest sci-fi MMORPGs looks like it will soon become one of the newest members of the Steam club. On the official forums, the Anarchy Online team said that the platform launch is imminent.

“Coinciding with the release of [last week’s]¬†update, 18.8.16, we are preparing to launch on Steam,” Funcom said.¬†There is still some preparation work, but this version is the first one we hope to offer on Steam, which is something we hope to be able to turn on soon. We will be sending out more news on this as we get closer to this big day.”

In other AO news, the game’s Halloween festivities are underway. Each players can take on a mission to explore a scary underground facility all by his or her lonesome. The team has a trove of rewards to pay out for successful runs, including new seasonal items and older gear making a comeback.


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