Brazilian teenager accidentally dies following League of Legends loss

No, be a dude.
We have had far too many public service announcements on Massively Overpowered in recent months about things not to do around games. For example, you should not threaten a developer over a game. You should not drive a car into a company’s headquarters. And you definitely, definitely should not strangle yourself to death over losing a match in League of Legends. This appears to be the cause of death for 13-year-old Gustavo Detter following a loss with his friends in a match.

Reports indicate that Detter was engaging in a “choking game” on webcam as punishment for supposedly losing his team the game, but he accidentally went too far and passed out. His cousin was notified and he was rushed to the hospital, but died the following day. Brazilian police are investigating the death, with sources reporting that this is not the first time Detter had participated in this “punishment.” So, again, if there’s any ambiguity in your mind… don’t do this. This is awful.

Our condolences to Gustavo Detter’s family and friends in this trying and upsetting time.

Source: The Mirror, YouTube (NSFW/disturbing) via Rift Herald
Update 2016-10-24: Massively OP tipster BritoBruno has passed along follow-up news articles; one interviews a police chief who says Detter’s friends claim the death did take place while they were all waiting for a match to begin but was unrelated to League of Legends and was not part of a choking game challenge.