Chronicles of Elyria discusses moving to production and its next stretch goal

We all began with good intents.

Good news for the Chronicles of Elyria fans in the audience, as the game is officially moving on from pre-production to production very soon. What’s the difference? As the most recent dispatch from the development team explains, pre-production means that documentation is written on everything from shared digital documents to cocktail napkins and unused “Leave a Suggestion” cards from restaurants, while production means that everyone is in place, documentation is cleaned up, and people are all working away on a coherent vision. So that’s a good thing.

The dispatch also includes details on the next stretch goal: Gaming. Yes, obviously, there’s going to be gaming going on because the game is a game, but the developers also want to add gaming and gambling to taverns to give players more reason to crowd inside the building instead of outside by the nearest auction block while checking out other people’s cool equipment. So there’s plenty of reason to push for that last $100,000 toward the stretch goal (or push against it if you’re really fond of auction houses).

Source: Kickstarter

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