Devilian’s Bloodstained Legacy patch bumps the level cap and adds Halloween


Trion Worlds has rolled out the 5.1 update for its ORPG clicker Devilian today. Dubbed Bloodstained Legacy, the patch lifts the level cap to 58, adds new gear sets, and allows players to boost their expansion artifacts. There are also new hell modes for four dungeons and heroic modes for six. Halloween is here too!

“Starting now, you’ll be able to crush monsters for delicious candy! Defeat monsters in the world and in dungeons that are within 5 levels of your character and they’ll have a chance to drop some Halloween Candy. Dungeon Bosses, always drop candy. (They all are afflicted with The Curse of the Sweet Tooth.) Meanwhile, all monsters in the Infinite Hunting Grounds will not drop candy, all because they hate fun. (Perhaps that makes them the greatest monsters of them all.) Once you gather enough candy, visit Justina in Asperon to turn it in for prizes like a Witch’s Broom, a Pumpkin Head, Talismans, Attribute Stones, potions, and more!”

The team has promised more on the Halloween tomorrow during its livestream.

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