Dogma: Eternal Night launches Patreon to solicit extra funds


It’s been a tough road for the vampire population of Dogma: Eternal Night. The indie title fell very short of its Kickstarter campaign goal late last year, which has prompted the team to investigate other methods of funding. The team has been taking pre-orders for most of 2016, and now it has launched a Patreon project to solicit a revenue stream from its fans.

The team is hoping to pull in $500 a month: “This goal allows us to further develop the project and release of our time for more efficient work. Our programmer will spend more time creating new game mechanics, scenes, and fixing bugs.”

Players who pony up for the $10 tier or higher will get alpha and beta access, as well as the game’s soundtrack. Those who don’t mind dropping $100 a month will even get their mug plastered on wanted posters across the game’s city.

Source: Patreon. Thanks CasualSlacks!
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