Gigantic is taking a pretty chill approach to this weekend’s playtest


Starting tomorrow and carrying on through October 24th is Gigantic’s next playtest, which will have a more casual and relaxed focus for those who get to enjoy it.

“Unlike our previous testing events, this weekend is less focused on testing, and more focused on giving you and your friends the opportunity to try out Gigantic,” the team noted in the patch notes. “That’s all there is to it! THIS time, we’re not looking to flood you with a ton of changes; instead, think of this as an opportunity to jump back in, refresh your understanding of the game, and brush up on your PvP skills.”

While there may not be a “ton” of changes, this test build does have a few new features and adjustments of which players should be aware. Cross-platform play is enabled between the PC and Xbox One users, a personal hero rotation is now in the game, and cowards who abandon matches will be put in a time-out penalty box for a while.

Source: Patch notes