Hide and Shriek is coming on October 25, offers discounted pre-order


Funcom’s 1v1 scarefest Hide and Shriek will be here in a few more days, as the studio set the date of next Tuesday, October 25th, for its launch. Players can go ahead and pre-order the game through Steam, which if they do before the release will net them a 20% discount off Hide and Shriek’s exorbitant $6 cost.

There is a little bit of cross-over connection between Hide and Shriek and The Secret World, with the former existing in the latter’s universe. Players who buy Hide and Shriek will be treated to an unspecified cosmetic reward in TSW.

Curious what this game will look like in action? The studio released a new gameplay trailer that you can watch below (preferably with the lights out)!

Source: Steam
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