Sea of Thieves will rope you in with its sound design


Sound design is one of those elements of video game production that you don’t often consciously notice unless it’s either missing, lackluster, or so well done that it serves to draw you deeper into the game world.

Obviously, the Sea of Thieves audio team is trying its hardest to do that latter, and in a new dev video, a pair of sound designers talk about the process of creating a believable (if not fully realistic) world that players will hear. It’s particularly interesting to listen to them discuss the ships themselves, how the sounds convey whether a ship is reacting to the waves, taking battle damage, or simply “living.” Also, the team gets to play in a swimming pool and record sounds there because they have the best job in the world.

Cozy up with the devs in the latest Inn-side Story video after the break!

Source: YouTube

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