AdventureQuest 3D launches open beta on mobile, Mac, and PC

Still here!

The big day for AdventureQuest 3D has finally arrived with the game’s transition into a persistent open beta state. While PC, Mac, and Android versions are now live, iOS players will need to wait a few days as the game goes through the approval process. An official launch for the cross-platform¬†title should occur sometime later this year.

The team reminded fans that its Halloween event will start soon and that much more is on the way: “We have been carefully listening to player feedback and have already planning how we can implement features like key binds, the PC-specific interface, more depth to classes and combat, and the other things you want to see happen in the game as quickly as possible.”

Wanna see it in action? Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie will be streaming the game for us at 3 p.m. EDT this afternoon with¬†Adam “Artix von Krieger” Bohn in tow, so tune in this afternoon!

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