Eternal Crusade greatly improves its user interface


The cleverly named Update 1.0.15c arrived in Eternal Crusade this week, helping to bolster the fledgling PvP title. Major attention was given to the game’s user interface, which now boasts a new inventory screen, better tooltips, and visual updates to the weapons.

Other changes with the patch include the re-addition of the Forge District Zedek map, a nerf to Tyranid Warrior health, tougher Ork headshot potential, and “heal grenades” given out to certain Space Marines. We definitely want to visit the hospital where doctors and nurses treat patients by lobbing exploding ordinance at them while shouting, “HEAL IN THE HOLE!”

The team also teased more significant developments to come: “A lot of background and behind-the-scenes work has been done to the in-game campaigns. Stay tuned for more news on this later!”

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Source: Steam