Massively OP’s guide to MMO Halloween 2016


“Two things I did on Hallows Night: / Made my house April-clear / Left open wide my door / to the ghosts of the year.”  ~ “All Hollows Night” by Lizette Woodworth Reese

Is your door open to the ghosts and ghouls of MMORPGs this season? They are definitely shambling up your walkway, looking to tell you of the grim delights of the holiday in your favorite online games. Indeed, Halloween season is upon us, which means that MMOs have an excuse to break out their favorite yearly festivities.

With so much to look at and do, you might be in a terrible fright trying to figure out what to do first. We consulted our Massively OP gravedigger Bram (he’s on retainer), who offers surprisingly good advice for sorting out the Halloween season in MMOs and getting the most out of the holiday. We recorded his words in this guide, although beware to the soul that reads them all — Bram might be seeing you before the week is up. MUAHAHAHA.


Age of Conan: Halloween

“Past Halloween events are available until November 8th!”

AdventureQuest 3D: Mogloween

It may be fresh out of closed beta, but AQ3D doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to bring Mogloween to the MMO landscape! Go through a haunted house but beware the spooks and spectres.

Aion: The Nightmare Circus

Jump into a special, limited-time dungeon in which you’ll be transformed into a bear-like creature and given new skills. Will you be able to save the queen of fairies in time? (Ends November 2nd)

Anarchy Online: Halloween

“Speak to either Draculeet or Frankenleet to obtain a new mission to explore an abandoned research facility, deep under the Uturn Forest. This will be a single-player instance that will scale to the level of the player. Rewards include some new seasonal social loot, some beneficial buffing items, as well as adding a new source of previously exclusive gear. Best of luck when exploring this forgotten facility!” (Ends November 7th)

ArcheAge: Hallowtide

“During this time, Erenor’s festival laws will be enacted, spreading peace and preventing PvP conflicts in those areas until the end of the festival. (Beware: The right of Guild Dominion can still supercede the law of peace, so be careful if your guild is locked in a conflict!)” (Ends November 9th)

ARK: Fear Evolved 2

“This sequel to the ultimate survival holiday-themed event will test your skills and your courage as you hunt for the legendary DodoWyvern across Scorched Earth, collecting up new cosmetics and costumes along the way.” (Ends November 6th)

Atlas Reactor: Holo Haunt

“Earn Haunt Matrices through challenges or as bonuses on Loot Matrix packs. Read the Chapter 2 story to learn the origins of the Holo Haunt…”

Black Desert: Halloween

“We’ve prepared some events for all players to enjoy. Just play the game and complete the event quests to receive some Halloween-themed items.” (Ends November 9th)

Blade and Soul: All Hallow’s Eve 

“The veil to the Spirit Realm is thin, and a ghastly aura seems to follow you wherever you go. But don’t cower in fear — it’s time to defeat eerie enemies and earn delightful new rewards.” (Ends November 16th)

Cabal Online: Caballoween

During the event, players will collect and assemble the scattered pieces of a spirit’s body, hunt for Jack O’Lanterns, and whip up some new potions and brews. (Ends November 7th)

Champions Online: Blood Moon

“The druidic hero known as Dweomer has come to Millennium City to help heroes face the threats the Blood Moon brings! Speak with Dweomer and help him with his daily task and he will reward you with Turakian Coins, which you can also get by participating in the Blood Moon events. You may use Turakian Coins to purchase items in his Blood Moon event store.” (Ends November 3rd)

Dark Age of Camelot: Halloween

“October is not just our favorite month because of the Anniversary, it’s also Halloween! And that means haunted cities, candy and costumes, pumpkin patches in the Frontiers, and this year… some exciting new tricks and treats to enjoy! A new instance dungeon, the Castle of the Mournful King, awaits those willing to brave its powerful ruler’s fury!”  (Ends November 7th)

Destiny: Festival of the Lost

This event should be coming back from last year, and data miners have uncovered several items and emotes that will be included in the festival (some new, some reused).


DC Universe Online: The Witching Hour

Superheroes can take a break from saving the world to party down at the Midnight Masquerade Nightclub — and investigate some strange occurrences while they’re there. Daily missions spit out currency, which in turn can be used to buy fun rewards. (Ends October 31st)

Defiance: Hulker Hell on Earth

“Let the festivities begin! Absurd numbers of Hulkers have gathered in anticipation of this momentous event: Hulker Hell. Hulker Hell will hit the New Frontier starting on October 17th. A long awaited celebration of tricks and treats, this event brings a special delivery of pumpkins to Paradise until November 7.”

Destiny: Festival of the Lost

“Festival of the Lost returns ‪on October 25th. Wear new Masks, collect candy and laugh once more in the face of Death.” Also, there’s something going on with tiny boxes of raisins.

Devilian: Halloween

“Defeat monsters in the world and in dungeons that are within five levels of your character and they’ll have a chance to drop some Halloween candy. Dungeon bosses always drop candy. Meanwhile, all monsters in the Infinite Hunting Grounds will not drop candy, all because they hate fun. (Perhaps that makes them the greatest monsters of them all.)”

Dungeons and Dragons Online: The Night Revels

The Night Revels returned in Update 33, giving players several activities to do in Delera’s Graveyard. The event is upgraded, with a couple of new dungeons, with a “more spooky, Night Revelry theme.”

Elder Scrolls Online: The Witches Festival

Players can pick up a free Crow Caller to polymorph themselves: “While the undead polymorph is active, killing boss monsters will give you the chance to loot plunder skulls. Opening a plunder skull will reveal special Witches Festival goodies, including masks (equipped in your hat slot), special holiday provisioning recipes, the Hollowjack crafting motif, and more!” (Ends November 1st)

Elsword Online: Spooky Zombie Night

“It’s the night of the dancing, living dead in Elrios. They’ve come to make you dance or turn you into one of them. Are you skilled enough to defeat Dancing King Mike and his army of dancing zombies? Join the exciting Halloween event to find out now!” (Ends November 1st)

EVE Online: The YC118 Crimson Harvest

“Will you fight for the newly crowned Empress, or will you chose to stand against capsuleers who seek to disrupt Blood Raider operations in the name of the Empire? Regardless of the path you take, there are riches and rewards on offer.”

EverQuest II: Nights of the Dead 

Norrath’s creepy holiday is back, with old favorite quests returning and a new collection sending players on a worldwide scavenger hunt. “This year, Nights of the Dead brings with it a new collection (A Swinging Wake), illusions, house items, and a holiday recipe book!” Here’s a guide to all of the activities, as well as our old guide that’s still helpful! (Ends November 2nd)

Final Fantasy XI: Harvest Festival

For the more timid at heart, there’s FFXI’s Harvest Festival. You can enter the Pink Masquerade Contest, help out some moogles, go trick-or-treating, and have fun with bombs. (Ends November 1st)

Final Fantasy XIV: All Saints’ Wake

“The Continental Circus has returned for another year of frightful fun. But to ensure their mischief does not turn to mayhem, an investigator from the Adventurers’ Guild seeks an assistant in his work. Seek him out to see how you can help.” (Ends November 1st)

Forsaken World: Halloween

“The Halloween Agent has appeared in Nightfall Citadel! That NPC is such a trickster, he’s not giving out any Horrible Halloween Coins. So we’re going behind his back and making them available to you for Soul Leaves.”

Grand Theft Auto Online: Halloween

“Hit the streets today with the new café racer inspired Pegassi Vortex motorcycle and starting this Friday, it’s time to enjoy the dark revelries of Halloween weekend in GTA Online with the release of the frightful new LCC Sanctus motorcycle, a bloodthirsty new Adversary Mode and more.”

Guild Wars: Halloween

“Once a year, Mad King Thorn and his creepy cohorts visit the land of mortals for a spooky celebration with holiday quests, Costume Brawl PvP, Halloween-themed guild vs. guild battles, as well as plenty of other tricks and treats!” (Ends November 2nd)

Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King

“Get ready for another year of tricks, treats, and terrible jokes as the pumpkin-headed former ruler of the Thorn dynasty graces Lion’s Arch with his presence. Collect candy corn, play all of your favorite Halloween activities, and earn sweet new rewards.”

HEX: Monster Mash

“Something wicked (awesome) this way comes! It’s this year’s Haunted Harvest, complete with new alternate arts, sleeves, and exclusive campaign cards and equipment for you to collect.” (Ends November 1st)

Landmark: Halloween Party Island

Oh yes, there’s a special island created just for the holiday, and you’re invited — if you dare! Also, you can try your hand at the game’s third annual pumpkin carving contest.

League of Legends: The Harrowing

There are a few new champion skins this year, including this devilish one for Teemo.

Lord of the Rings Online: Harvest Festival

Make sure you visit Bilbo’s Haunted Burrow as part of your MMO Halloween tour — it’s one of the best haunted houses in the online world. (Ends November 2nd)

Mabinogi: The Scariest Little Ghost

Find Halloween Joe in a crowd, help a friendly little spirit, and plunder the Loot O’Lantern in this year’s event! (Ends November 1st)

MapleStory: Strange Stories

“Play through three ghostly Secret Stories, where your choices influence the ending. Then explore The Afterlands theme dungeon, where the souls of the dead dwell in worlds of their own creation! Other Halloween events are coming too, so get ready to explore the Haunted Mansion, or fight the Elite Pumpkin Zombie.”

Master X Master: Pumpkin Carving Contest

“The NCsoft Pumpkin Carving Contest is available across all titles: AION, Lineage II, WildStar, Blade & Soul, and MXM. You’re tasked with carving a pumpkin (real or virtual) and submitting them in the artistic style and look of the game you’re entering for.”

Mortal Online: Necromancy update

Necromancy has been added to the game as a new school of magic!

Neverwinter: The Masquerade of Liars

“The Masquerade of Liars creeps into Neverwinter with treats so good you’ll turn into a sprinter. Enjoy the night sky and the glorious costumes for the fright is so high with spooky lost tombs.”

Paladins: The Pumpkin Patch

We think there’s a chance that pumpkins are involved in this.

Path of Exile: Carnage mystery box

“We’re celebrating Halloween by offering a free Carnage Mystery Box when you spend points in the store.”

PlanetSide 2: Nanites of the Living Dead

“Destroy the Space Pumpkins scattered across Auraxis and pick up their seeds (SPS). Bringing these seeds to a designated SPS drop-off zone will earn you one of these rewards.” (Ends November 7th)

Pokemon Go: Halloween

“It’s Halloween season and we have a treat for you! From October 26th to November 1st, you’ll earn double the amount of Candy every time you catch, hatch and transfer Pokémon! Don’t forget your Buddy Pokémon, because they will help you earn Candy four times as fast.”

Project Genom: Halloween

“For those of you who celebrate Halloween we prepared a surprise. By October, 31st the update will include some game bonuses and gifts, which you will find on the open spaces of the Ark.”


Riders of Icarus: Happy Halloween

Go on a giant pumpkin hunt, meet the headless knight, and grab all of the candy you can! “A rumor persists that creatures throughout the realm (and even within the Tritael Rift) have been seen to be dropping…candy? If true, there’s a collector waiting for you to bring him as much as you can.”

RIFT: Autumn Harvest

Players can return to the Realm of the Fae to perform various activities (including hoovering up lots of artifacts), fight seasonal rifts that are popping up all over the world, and advance through a new minion quest chain. (Ends November 3rd)

RuneScape: Halloween short story competition

“October is here, and that means it’s time for our annual Halloween Short Story Competition! This year, your prize is a real-life golden scythe.”

Runes of Magic: Pumpkin Festival

“Enjoy the festivities by taking part in parades, joining the big round of Trick or Treat, catching ghosts or otherwise coming to the aid of the terrified citizens.”

Second Life: Haunted

“Come see all the spooky spots in Second Life. Experience haunted attractions where ghosts, goblins and other scary surprises lurk around every dark corner.”

Skyforge: Evil Pumpkin Festival

“The Aelinar will be transformed, and in your adventures you will get a chance to meet special, somewhat quirky, yet still dangerous opponents — candy bandits, the guardians of countless treasures. Embrace the holiday spirit! Play nasty tricks on your friends, get your candy rewards and exchange them for unique costumes and musical instruments in the market.” (Ends November 11th)

Shroud of the Avatar: Halloween

“We had to make sure that the game was filled with enough spooky content this year so we went over the top! The scary items range from ghostly pets to gross emotes, to ghastly costumes, all the way up to a Gothic (aka Haunted) Mansion!”

Skyforge: Screenshot of Horror Contest

“Create a screenshot in Skyforge, then modify it or leave it how it is. You want to either make it the scariest thing possible or you can capture a spooky part of Skyforge and submit it as is! When you are happy with the result, submit it here and on October 27th, we will announce the winners!”

SkySaga: Halloween

“With the nights getting longer, and spooky souls descending on the City of First Light soon, we’re challenging you to submit your best creepy creations!”

SMITE: Terror of the Night

A new “god of bats” champion has arrived for the season, and one of the arenas has been redecorated with Halloween flair. If you’re feeling daring, you can drink a spooky potion to see what might happen…

TERA: Harvest Festival Hall

“The Harvest Festival Hall event returns starting Thursday, October 13. Look up the witch Serena at Eldritch Academy to participate. Once you’re inside, use the Halloween Cannons to repel waves of monsters intent on stealing every last bit of candy they can get their grubby paws on.” The game is also selling some spooky attire in its store. (Ends November 1st)

The Secret World: Samhain

Every year the devs have been adding to this dark take on Halloween with missions, achievements, and cosmetics. Funcom’s also putting out Hide and Shriek, a 1v1 spin-off of the Secret World universe.

Tree of Life: Pumpkin Fest

“Some Halloween buildings will make your town scary! But you don’t need to build it; street light, boxes and fields will change their appearance. It’ll be scaaaary :twisted: Don’t worry, there is no ghost (…hopefully).”

Toram Online: Halloween

“In this Halloween Event, there will be a special map and quests with original story. You will face a mighty boss monster in the end of the quests.” (Ends November 10th)

Tree of Savior: Pumpkins and Cubes

“We’re celebrating the Halloween season with a new event to get you in the spirit. Join the battle to defend the kingdom from the malevolent Demon Lord Warpulis’ vassals and earn your rewards.” (Ends November 22nd)

Trove: Shadow’s Eve

Cool costumes, a spooky Halloween hub, 11 themed mounts, and pumpkin lairs are only the start to this crazy festival. Creative players can try their hand at creating a horror movie-themed tableau in order to win some big prizes for their club. (Ends November 1st)

Ultima Online: Halloween

“Pumpkin patches and graveyards across Britannia have been packed with pumpkin carvers and trick-or-treaters are filling their backpacks with treats!”

Villagers and Heroes: Spooky Town

“Spooky Town has arrived! New toys, a new outfit, and a mount in the event. Also as stated before, this event relies a lot less on luck. Several of the mechanics in the event zone guarantee (or at least give you a very high success chance) at some progress.”

Warframe: Halloween

“Tenno, long has Orokin legend spoke of valuable treasure, haunted by a twisted, infested entity. The legend speaks of horrible consequences for those trying to obtain it. Do you still wish to seek this prize?” (Ends November 1st)

World of Tanks Console: Monster Mash

“On October 28, the Monster Mash begins for World of Tanks on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Brave tankers can play on the creepily reworked Himmelsdorf map Dead City with the Spectre tank, along with ‘awakened’ monster versions of the Revenant Kraft’s Panther, Lycan T71, Gorynych KV-5 and Kaiju O-I.”


World of Warcraft: Hallow’s End 

This old favorite holiday is back for another spin with only a few small additions. Players can obtain the Grommash costume set and plunder some candy in Dalaran before fighting the banshee Aria Sorrowheart. (Ends November 1st)

World of Warships: Saving Transylvania

“Earth’s fate will be decided in the unique World of Warships PvE mode, ‘Saving Transylvania.’ In it, you can team up with players in a Division to keep Transylvania, a steamship, safe on the waters.” (Ends November 10th)

Wild Terra: Halloween

“Hang a Jack-o’-lantern on the Unholy trees to fight back the witches. Be careful, evil will not allow to dispel the darkness without resistance! Winners of evil will get the rare Unholy leather for the manufacture a unique items of clothing (even without any skills). The most distinguished heroes can receive seeds of Home unholy tree for decorating their possessions.”

WildStar: Shade’s Eve

New toys and rewards join the reappearance of sinister decorations, challenging dungeons, and daily quests in capital cities. Players are also encouraged to dress up and go trick-or-treating for candy on others’ housing plots. You can also toss, er, throw, er, invest your money away in Madame Fay’s lotto game, or enter the game’s haunted house design contest. (Ends November 1st)

Wizard101: Halloweenfest

Jack Hallow and Spooky Bob return for this delightfully eerie event. Players can battle the evil Nosferabbit, take missions from Jack, and even scare up a mystery fish from the water.

Know of a Halloween event going on that we didn’t cover here? Drop a link to it in the comments and we’ll add it!

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