World of Warcraft throws even more Suramar content at you in 7.1

Also, this stuff.

Just when you think you might see the light at the end of Suramar’s long, long content tunnel, a team of Blizzard corps of software engineers shows up to extend its length even further. Actually, more quests are probably welcome news to World of Warcraft: Legion adventurers who have already tapped out most of the solo content from the expansion.

In another Patch 7.1 dev blog, the team talks about some of its non-dungeony, non-raidy PvE content challenges coming next week. These includes a new quest chain in Suramar that will lead up to the doorstep of Nighthold, another series involving Helya, more world quests, special pet battles in raids, and a return to Alcaz Isle to thwart the, er, internship program of Dr. Weavil.

Blizzard has been hard at work promoting October 25th’s patch, talking about its PvP rewards, the Blade’s Edge Arena revamp, reputation system improvements, and showing off the¬†patch trailer.


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