World of Warships ships out a new batch of British boats

It's a boat, I suppose, I don't know if it's actually any different.
The British are coming! Their ships are, at least, in World of Warships. The game’s most recent update adds in ten British warships, ranging from the Black Swan in Tier I up to the Edinburgh in Tier VIII. It’s a chance to feel as if you’re really on a ship of the Royal Navy in the middle of World War II, without quite so much thinking of the Blitz and being told by your commanding officer to keep a stiff upper lip while the boat is on fire around you.

For those of you with very little interest in slicing through the waters on a British ship, there are other improvements in the patch, including the new Container system to replace the old Daily Missions of the game. Some maps and non-British ships have also been rebalanced to improve the quality of matches. You can check out screenshots and a video of the new boats just below.