Aion Update 5.1 is now live on EU servers

It’s time for you to look fabulous and attack furious in Aion, now that Update 5.1: The Tower Guardian is live on European servers.

The update allows players to incorporate elemental transformations on their characters. Once transformed, players will have a limited time window to do incredible damage before the clock strikes midnight and the coach turns back into a pumpkin. Other additions with 5.1 include six additional dungeons, the luna system, and the new magical crafting and magical morph techniques.

The team removed limited stigmas from the game with this update and will soon phase out arena tickets in favor of arena scrolls. If players had limited stigmas when the update happened, they can be exchanged for a bundle.

Need to get your fill of the update or simply want the devs to talk nerdy talk in your ears for nearly four hours about the update? We’ve got a livestream for that after the break.

Source: Patch notes
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