Here’s some more fuel for the Diablo III expansion rumor fire

Always the same.

We’ve been talking about what’s next for the Diablo franchise for months on Massively OP — longer, really, ever since Diablo seemed to have almost been forgotten at last year’s BlizzCon. Opinions are split on what’s going on with the franchise this year: Some folks are convinced we’re getting Diablo 4, some an expansion for Diablo 3;┬ásome think it might be a remaster for Diablo 2 or a different title set in the same universe, and some people think nothing’s going on at all, that the mystery title Blizz has been working on and hiring for will turn out to be nothing to do with Diablo.

Well, allow us to stoke the fires of rumor once again. A writer for Icy Veins noticed that the Diablo III website has been undergoing some subtle changes, including a new background graphic that replaces the Reaper of Souls image that’s been in place for a long while now — something the studio has done before in the run up to BlizzCon with its other titles. On the downside, it’s not actually new art — it’s apparently an older wallpaper.

Does that change your opinion?

Source: Icy Veins
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