Is Hearthstone coming to the Nintendo Switch?

If you missed all the buzz about it yesterday, the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s next console that’s either an interesting new take on a converting mobile/console platform or is a system designed for a parallel world where you have to bring every game everywhere and never lose two dozen fiddly bits. Hearthstone, meanwhile, is still a digital card game that people enjoy playing, same as it was before yesterday. But are the two coming together, as suggested by this tweet?

Of course, that tweet could just as easily be a nod to the whole “Mario creeping in” meme that people had been running away with. At this point, nothing has been announced, and Nintendo is specifically stating that it is not discussing titles on the platform at this time at all. Still, if you’ve long wanted to see Hearthstone available on consoles, a portable console does seem like the right format, doesn’t it?


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