Revelation Online delays closed beta into November

0 announced today that it is delaying the closed beta test for Revelation Online another week, from October 25th to November 3rd. “QA has encountered some client stability issues with certain situations,” the team wrote today.

“While not systemic, their occurrences would be detrimental to the experience of some of our players. While many testers would be inclined to forgive such an ordeal in early stage testing, we must take into account that it would risk leaving a bitter first impression of Revelation Online for some of you. Even though slated as a ‘test phase’ putting the project at risk of being met with mixed feelings could ultimately hurt what we all contributed to build together so far; A thriving community looking forward to seeing the real potential of Revelation Online. We know also that we’ve failed to respect the promise made to players with the decision to postpone our CBT1 date and that it will cause a great disappointment amongst our fans. But we believe we choose the lesser evil by setting our new date to the 3rd of November 2016.”

The studio says it plans to compensate players for the “misfortune” in a manner to be disclosed later.

Source: Official site. Thanks, BabaGra.PL!

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