‘MMO-lite’ Tuebor makes plans to move from Steam early access to launch


Tuebor is a 3rd person, cross-genre, competitive, multiplayer, action game set in a post apocalyptic, dystopian future.” So reads the Kickstarter for Strength in Numbers Studios’ “MMO lite” Tuebor. Unfortunately, that Kickstarter is over, having ended unsuccessfully earlier this week, but the game has been soldiering on in earlier access anyway and is headed to launch soon, according to a press release issued this week.

“We’ve spent the last 16 months building this game and we are pretty happy with where it’s at, but would like a little more time for polish,” the studio told players back in September. “We know of some things that aren’t quite right yet, stats balancing and some UI/UX elements specifically. We’re getting on Steam now in order to build the community and be able to keep the studio running. […] We want to move out of Early Access as quickly as possible; ideally we’ll be in Early Access status for about 4-6 weeks.”

Tuebor is free-to-play if you’re interested in taking a peek on Steam. Oh, and as for what the word means? Michigan residents and Latin geeks already know: It’s derived from the Latin verb tueor, which can mean to guard, to defend, to behold, or to preserve. “Tuebor” is the first-person singular future active indicative of the verb, meaning here: “I will defend.” Thanks, Magistra Seltz.

Source: Steam, press release, official siteKickstarter

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