Lord of the Rings Online interview grapples with premium housing and evictions

But now, it's more money.
In an additional pair of interview segments, LOTRO Community Manager Cordovan tackles several topics of interest from the community, including personal loot systems, crafting overhauls, and kinship updates. While many of those subjects don’t result in a definite answer, Cordovan did say that he wants to be better about the game promoting player-run events and even doing more GM-led events as well.

Cordovan did say that players shouldn’t hold their breath in the hopes that premium housing will be purchasable with anything other than cash. But what about those who did spend money on a house that has an eviction date if upkeep is not paid? “My understanding is it’s not very easy to get evicted from a premium house. So that may well be something we will have to deal with if it becomes an actual issue but I’m not sure it’s a likely outcome for most folks,” Cordovan said.

One other notable topic was that of raids. Cordovan revealed that it takes between 12 and 18 months for the team to produce a new raid, which is an “all hands on deck” type of project. He said that the team would like to get another raid out in 2017 but is not making promises that this will happen.


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