The Daily Grind: Is the lack of an official server for an MMO a dealbreaker?


In this midst of a newsroom discussion about Hero’s Song last week, Justin, Eliot and I found an unusual chunk of common ground: All three of us expressed deep reservations about the fact that Smed’s game will not offer a studio-backed, official server. The three of us seldom see¬†much overlap in what we play, and yet we’re all interested in the game… and concerned that our only option will be to find a player-run server.

I’m a die-hard modder and fan of player-generated content, and yet even I would feel so much better about the game if it offered a “home base” so to speak, one where my characters are not subject to the whims of player admins. I’m not even entirely sure whether a game without an official, studio-led server qualifies as an MMO or MMORPG. Probably. But it gives me pause.

What do you think — is the lack of an official server for an MMO a dealbreaker?

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