Ultima Online rolls out Halloween, with PU95’s artisan festival next week


Halloween has arrived in Ultima Online, but the big news for the classic sandbox MMO is the patch arriving next week. Publish 95 is expected on November 3rd and will bring new vet rewards, the crafting deed update, and a new festival:

“The Artisan Festival is our new seasonal holiday event that will be taking place in cities across Britannia! The Artisan Festival gives crafters a chance to turn in Bulk Order Deeds (now with expanded skills including – Fletching, Carpentry, Tinkering, Inscription, Alchemy, and Cooking!) to build Holiday Decorations in the host city! We’ve got a brand new (and massive) tree to spread the holiday cheer as well as some great rewards you can check out below. We’ll have more details about the festival once Publish 95 hits Test Center – but for now the most important thing to remember about the Artisan Festival is – the greater the partcipation, the greater the rewards!”

The team also says it’s working on a wedding package for the store. We’ve come a long way from petitioning GMs for customized rings, that’s for sure.

Curious about the modern state of the game? We took a tour of Ultima Online earlier this month just after it turned 19 years old.

Source: Newsletter
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