DC Universe Online shows off the new gear of Episode 27

Stylish and functional.
Gear is important, even in DC Universe Online. Sure, the idea of collecting stat upgrades with equipment doesn’t exactly mesh with the fiction, but you can always look at that as the purely game-oriented side of things. What’s more important is that it allows characters to develop their own iconic styles befitting of proper superheroes. That’s part of why the game’s Episode 27 update will have the best gear available on vendors, allowing players who work toward vendor gear the assurance that they will eventually get all of the good stuff. Meanwhile, dropped gear will serve as upgrades while you earn the vendor gear.

The two options will also offer you two charming new looks. The Fallen God gear is a heavily stylized Superman-inspired set of gear, complete with glowing areas on the costume pieces. Meanwhile, the Gorgon Slayer style features snakeskin motifs and a more Grecian look for players aiming more toward the lore of the Greek deities bookending the Amazon Fury storyline. Both styles will be available when the next patch drops, although you can check out a few screenshots just below.


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