Here’s how Revelation Online is compensating players for the closed beta delay

Over the weekend, Revelation Online’s western handlers announced they were delaying the start of the first closed beta from October 25th — that’d be today — until November 3rd. Unexpectedly, also announced it would be compensating testers and founder pack owners for that delay, and as of now, we know the form of that compensation.

“The total delay being of 9 days, all founder packs will receive a courtesy 9 days’ premium time in addition to the amount of premium time brought by founder packs. This time will simply be stacked on the account at OBT. Please note that this applies only to purchases made prior to 25th October. Any player who has received access to CBT1 by means of beta key giveaways, events and/or built-in lottery will have his/her access extended automatically to CBT2 testing, which is currently slated to happen later this year. In a way, we exchange the time delay into more testing time of more advanced content and we hope this will please those that may have missed the opportunity to test due to the postponement of CBT1.”

No matter how you scored your beta access, you can already begin pre-loading through the official site.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Eky!