TERA becomes Spellbound with its newest update

The eternal sstruggle between man and naked.
Believe it or not, but Karazhan isn’t the only major MMO patch coming out today. TERA would like to make a bid for your attention, as the fantasy game has given the go-ahead to Patch 48.04.02, less technically¬†known as Spellbound.

As the name implies, Spellbound contains major changes and adjustments for TERA’s Sorcerer class. The Sorcerer has received a huge overhaul to improve her animations, beef up her damage, and fix some of her underperforming skills.

Spellbound has more tricks up its sleeves than just a Sorcerer revamp. The update brings back two (improved) classic dungeons while adding a pair of new instances as well.¬†That’s good, since the update also takes a whopping 13 dungeons out of the rotation, at least for the time being.

Guilds should find it easier to level up in the patch, and the PvP crowd can take the new Iron Battleground out for a spin. There’s also new tier 10 and 11 gear sets and the start of a new achievement system, but really, you’re going to want to diligently read through all of the patch notes to make sure that you aren’t missing anything important to your experience.

Source: Patch notes
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