Hero’s Song schedules alpha launch for next Monday, followed by early access in November


While Hero’s Song might not have raised as much money with its recent Indiegogo campaign as the studio hoped, players who did pay $15 or more into the game did so with the promise of being invited into the Alpha 3 test. The good news for those waiting for this perk is that said alpha is happening very soon — early next week, in fact.

“We are very pleased to announce our Alpha 3 launch for Hero’s Song will be on Monday October 31st,” the team said on Twitter yesterday. According to Steam, the Alpha 3 test will contain 15 of the game’s 21 classes, limited multiplayer, basic dungeons, gods, a loot system, and other test-worthy tools.

John Smedley indicated that this¬†will be a short-duration test: “Early access is still planned for early November. The exact date will be determined after we’ve had a few days of feedback from our Alpha 3 players.”

Earlier this month, the team posted a form that allowed fans to subscribe to a newsletter to stay abreast of all developments in the Hero’s Song universe.

Source: Steam, Twitter

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