Player fakes a suicide attempt in EVE Online as part of an extortion scheme

Nope, not illustrating this. Have a spaceship.
One of the most universal facts about most MMO communities is that we band together when one of our own is hurting or in danger. That’s why EVE Online players came together to donate support, togetherness, and affection for Olivia, a player who attempted to take her own life after harassment from other players. Except, in a twist that basically no one would have expected, it turns out Olivia doesn’t seem to exist and was entirely a scam by the head of her corporation to extort money from other players.

In other words, this was a catfishing scheme against all EVE Online players by the head of Olivia’s supposed in-game corporation, Jackson Thrane. The player appears to have deleted his account and returned in-game money as the news broke; CCP Games has also been investigating the issue, although no official response has yet been issued. Our condolences go to all those affected, and if it needs to be said, our hope is that the people responsible for perpetuating this scam are given appropriate penalties. The boundless compassion of communities is a wonderful thing, and to see it exploited on false premises is a disturbing thought.

Source: PC Gamer. Thanks, Alex.