RIFT teases Cleric, Warrior, and Mage legendary skills

RIFT teases Cleric, Warrior, and Mage legendary skills
Hitting the new level cap in November’s RIFT: Starfall Prophecy won’t just give your character a few extra stat points and a nice round number beside your portrait frame — it will hand you the choice of a batch of legendary skills as well. Each class will get to pick five enhanced version of familiar skills out of a selection from each soul.

While Trion isn’t posting a full list of these skills yet, the studio did provide another “sampler” of legendary skills, this time for the Cleric, Warrior, and Mage archetypes. Some of the examples include the Oracle’s ability to make an ally death-proof for eight seconds, turning the Pyromancer into a fireball machine gun, and the removal of an AP cost for the Warrior’s breaking blow.

Trion already gave a preview of legendary skills for the Primalist and Rogue back in September.

Source: RIFT

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