Sea of Thieves shares more details on the sounds of the ship

There's no game, there's just a long series of development diaries about sound.

There’s more to be learned about the sound design behind Sea of Thieves, and the most recent video diary for the game covers one of the important parts of that sound design: the ship. After all, if everything else sounds right but the boat is constantly making motor sounds and quacking like a duck, will you really be able to convince yourself you’re on an old pirate galleon?

If so, can you tell us how? Your vision of pirate ships sounds kind of awesome.

The video can be seen just below and shows off the various sounds you can hear all through the ship, from the wash of water ahead of the bow to the gentle creaking deep within the hull. It’s enough to make even the most hardened pirate nod appreciatively toward the intricate sound design before he tells you to give him all of your dubloons and hardtack or he’ll keel-haul your landlubbing hide.

Source: YouTube

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