EverQuest accidentally deletes many guilds and their homes

Don't worry, something will happen any day now.

What if you woke up one day and your MMORPG guild and its housing was completely gone? This nightmare scenario is what some are facing in EverQuest right now.

A recent patch seems to have deleted many guilds and guild villages across several of the game’s servers, with affected players taking to the forums to express their displeasure over the error and urge Daybreak to fix the issue.

While the studio has been reportedly locking some of the complaint threads, it says that it’s on the case: “During today’s update there was an issue which may have impacted some guild villages and made them inaccessible. We are currently in the process of restoring these villages. No items have been lost and have been mailed to their owners. This process may take some time so a petition will be unnecessary as customer support is already in the process of restoring the villages. We are targeting by the end of the week to have things resolved. We are also investigating the reports of guilds themselves being missing.”

Source: Reddit, official forums. Thanks Gnomeland!
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