Halloween sinks its fangs into Tree of Life, Fractured Space, and Mortal Online


The avalanche of MMO Halloween events continues to thunder down over us, and we are digging as fast as we can to stay on top of all of the notices! If we get buried alive, well, ’tis the season for that.

Your cobwebbed tour begins in Tree of Life, where this upcoming game is throwing a Pumpkin Fest with spooky buildings, a broomstick mount, and some cosmetics to earn. The next stop is at Fractured Space, where the newly launched MOBA has added a Halloweeny character into the roster.

Finally, Mortal Online is taking advantage of the holiday to promote its newest school of magic, Necromancy. Check out the game’s patch highlights and Fractured Space’s new character in the videos below!

Source: Tree of Life, Fractured Space, Mortal Online. Thanks Two Tridents!