Happy third birthday, Warface


Crytek F2P online shooter Warface is busy celebrating its third birthday with a super twitchy trailer and a round of new content for players.

“In Operation Black Shark, players infiltrate a gargantuan skyscraper which is being constructed by Blackwood, the military arm of a cabal of supranational corporations,” declares the press release. “Fighting as part of an elite squad dispatched by Warface – the special-operation forces formed to oppose Blackwood – players must battle hard, smart, and as a team to work their way through each enemy-flooded floor before bringing the tower down. Gamers will take on Blackwood’s finest troops, lead-spitting automatic turrets, and a relentless horde of cyborg warriors in an all-action tower raid that demands players evolve their tactics on the fly. The new Special Operation arrives in a game update today, which also adds new achievements for players to unlock and weapons to use in-game.”

Crytek says Black Shark marks the title’s 37th “major game update.” Dang. That trailer is below.

Source: Press release