Shroud of the Avatar delivers Release 35 to everyone

I live inside a wrecking ball.

Remember back when Shroud of the Avatar‘s releases contained mostly line items like “implemented the most basic form of crafting” and “included a single wolf you can fight with your basic attack”? That was a long time ago. Release 35 is here now, and it features some high-level changes like reworking the roving encounters into actual creatures that you can see coming and potentially evade. Or run after, if you’re really eager to test your abilities on some random wolves.

This patch also includes more refinements to the Path of Love and an overhaul of the Cooking mechanics, with the latter becoming far less reliant upon purchased ingredients and the former getting better balance across the board. There are also the usual cosmetic additions, balance changes, and the like; check out all of the details in the patch notes and start trying out the patch today.


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