Star Trek Online reports over a million console captains in a new infographic

A couple of players have been attracted to Star Trek Online on console, and by “a couple” we mean “a little over one million.” That’s the biggest takeaway from the new infographic about the game’s console version on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but there are plenty of additional fun facts in there for fans of the game or just curious onlookers from the PC side.

Tactical Federation captains make up the largest amount of players in the game, as 68% of players are Federation and 59% chose a Tactical specialization. The infographic also breaks down the most popular ships per faction on each console, although both PS4 and XB1 players love the Negh’var for a Klingon ship. Check out the full infographic just below (click for a larger version if you can’t read it).

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Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release
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