The Daily Grind: When should holiday events in MMOs be ‘finished’?

This guy, dudes.

The holiday events in Final Fantasy XI are done. They still run, of course; around the same time every year, bang! Holiday event arrives once more. But they’re no longer really updated, just turned on for the people who have rewards that they want but haven’t yet obtained. And the latest iteration of Hallow’s End for World of Warcraft feels like it’s going in the same direction, like it has a couple of new items added but most of it’s just there to pick up old standbys you may have missed.

Really, this isn’t a bad thing. Games like Final Fantasy XIV don’t have a decade of history behind their holiday events; games that do have every reason to nod and say that there’s enough Halloween-themed tat in the game. Reaching a point where the game says that it has enough new stuff for holiday events is fine. But what is that threshold? Should a holiday run for years in an MMO or just a couple? What about games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, with its regularly running events that don’t have a holiday window but do have consistent rewards? When should holiday events in MMOs be “finished”?

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