World of Tanks and Warships get into the swing of Halloween

Beware what you name your ships because irony loves to strike when namers are careless. Take for instance World of Warships’ Transylvania. This poor steamship was doomed from the beginning thanks to the dolt who thought of giving it that name.

In a new WoWS Halloween event, players can jump into a trio of weird and spooky ships to protect and escort the Transylvania to its port. Victors will receive credits and a special Halloween skin that will boost XP earned for the season.

[AL:WoT]Meanwhile, World of Tanks Console is kicking off its Monster Mash tomorrow. The event features a reworked map with Halloween decor, monster versions of several tanks, and two new PvE modes fighting the aforementioned monster tanks. “Half-beast, half-tank, ALL HORROR!” the studio exclaimed.

Source: Press release, World of Warships