Happy fourth birthday, War Thunder

Is every game having a birthday this week? MMO-lite War Thunder is crashing the cake-eating festivities with its own birthday party, and it’s starting early!

“On the first of November, War Thunder will have reached its 4th year; 4 years of development, improving, and progressing further, while being enjoyed by millions around the world; 4 years of thrilling online battles in the sky, on the ground, and very soon, at sea,” writes Gaijin Entertainment. “This journey is one where we have travelled alongside you, the players. All of our achievements are thanks to you too! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and a very happy birthday to us all!”

Beginning tomorrow, the studio will kick off daily 50% sales for vehicles of different factions, with big sales for premium access starting today and more promotions rolling out over the weekend, including a “last stand” PvE event in Mozdok and a hashtag competition.

Happy happy birthday!


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