ARK: Survival Evolved abandons most of its planned Halloween update


ARK: Survival Evolved’s Fear Evolved 2 Halloween event arrived over the weekend, but it wasn’t entirely to plan. Early in October, Studio Wildcard teased vampirism and lycanthropy as well as tamable boas. But when the patch rolled out Friday, it was primarily last year’s event, plus critters like the dodowyvern (to the shock of our own streamer!). Xbox players didn’t get the Halloween update at all. Here’s the company statement on the omissions:

“In regards to Xbox Patch 744 and some of the missing Halloween content, unfortunately we weren’t able to deliver on what we had intended to do for this holiday release. Both Jeremy and Jesse (the founders and captains of our team) had to unexpectedly take care of some work out of the country which affected the development and simultaneous release on both platforms, as well as the content we were hoping to provide. Fear Evolved 2 will not be making its debut on the Xbox Console, and on PC the special attributes/effects related to Werewolves and Vampires will not be a part of this holiday event. We are hoping to be able to release these special effects in a future event, as we understand a lot of players were looking forward to experiencing it. However we did manage to make sure that all PC Content through Version 248 would make it through the update, including Explorer Notes, Mounted Weaponry on Dinos, three new creatures; Kaprosuchus, Chalicotherium and the Diplocaulus, as well as crash fixes and some performance optimisation to memory and rendering. […] We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment caused by the lack of the Halloween event for our Xbox players, as well as the missing content on PC.”


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