Player astronavigators find new alien ruins in Elite Dangerous


It’s aliens.

Elite Dangerous players are positively infatuated with the alien relics Frontier scatters throughout the universe. Following the launch of last week’s The Guardians trailer, one player puzzled out the location of some alien ruins teased in the trailer and played astronavigator to find them in person.

“I triangulated the position of the system using the position of Andromeda, Pleiades Nebula, phakt and epsilon columbae, as they were seen in the trailer,” XDeathzors told forum-goers and Redditors. “I located the planet by matching the craters as seen on the moon in the tower shot. I located the ruins by picking the most interesting looking area and doing a fly by. They can be heard and seen from quite a ways if any one wants to do there own search.”

YouTuber CMDR Josh Hawkins took video of the spot; it’s tucked below. Think it’s all part of a buried plot carried over from the classic Elite, or just the devs having a go at us?