Project Gorgon makes major combat and gear changes, buffs Halloween event


Over this past weekend, Project Gorgon dropped a patch bomb into its community, forever changing how the game will function from here on out. It’s not actually all that dire, as the team wanted to provide more diversity in armor and make combat more engaging.

“Combat feels a bit different now,” the team said. “In general, you regenerate more in combat and your armor… well, okay, it’s hard to summarize all the changes. Let’s just say that combat is a bit different, especially at higher level. Expect some shock at first. It will take a little while to get used to, but in the end you won’t be weaker than before — this update was NOT, in general, a nerf to overall player power. It may just feel that way while you get used to things.”

The patch modified gear so that it favors two instead of one skill sets, allowed players to save ability and equipment builds, increased the importance of food, made major changes to many skill sets, and turned the game’s Halloween event into a “loot extravaganza.”

Source: Patch notes