Star Wars: The Old Republic crafting is meant to gear up alts in Knights of the Eternal Throne

Ah yes, teamwork.
When Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne launches, we will all be very tired of typing out that lengthy title every time we want to talk about the game. We’ll also have an entirely new endgame, and that means a new process of gearing up and getting ready for difficult content or just getting better equipment to still progress at the level cap. But how will crafting fit into this? A recent post on the official forums goes into more detail about crafting, which is meant to serve as both a catch-up mechanism for alts and for players who fall behind.

Players will be able to craft gear equivalent to the first tier of endgame gear and slightly below each subsequent tier, but that gear will have no set bonus and not be modifiable. Crafters can, however, craft mods on par with that level of gear from plans received in Command Crates or by reverse-engineering existing mods. The crafted gear will never offer a set bonus, but it’s well within an acceptable boundary of performance with other gear, thus ensuring that crafters can help other players catch up with each new endgame goalpost.

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