The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite voice acting in an MMORPG?


The SAG-AFTRA’s voice actor strike last week has created a lot of discussion in our comments and elsewhere about the value of voice acting in games and MMORPGs. A lot of folks play with the sound off or wouldn’t mind a return to text adventuring if it meant cheaper games. A lot of people just don’t enjoy voice acting. A lot of peeps think voices don’t add anything necessary at all.

But a lot of people do. FemShep sold me on the Mass Effect series, for example, and while I admit to speed-clicking my way through a lot of voiceovers (sup, SWTOR), there are some I worship, like those by the lovely lady who voices the female Charr in Guild Wars 2 and really changed my whole view of what the race and its storyline were all about. I’ve also been known to mod in voiceovers for games that don’t have them; Oblivion, for example, is a whole lot less lonely when I add a player voice for myself making snarky jokes and observations at random.

And on the other hand? CITIZENS OF DALARAN!

How about you?¬†What’s your favorite voice acting in an MMORPG?

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