Guild Wars 2 has overhauled its lockboxes

Llook out, Llary! It's the llandlllord!

Guild Wars 2’s lockboxes got a bit of revision in today’s patch.

“You won’t find boosters among your loot anymore, but you will find a rotating selection of rare and unusual items, along with guaranteed convenience and seasonal items in every chest,” ArenaNet explains. “You’ll even be able to preview the goods. To start things off, the seasonal item will be Trick-or-Treat Bags, and there’s a chance to find the exclusive Grasping Phantom Glider in Black Lion Chests for a limited time. I’ve also cooked up a new Random Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock, which will automatically unlock a random weapon, armor piece, backpack, outfit, dye, glider, miniature, or finisher in your wardrobe.”

I hung out in the Royal Terrace a bit this afternoon listening to players talk about the changes. While some people are annoyed that a whole roll slot is taken up by a seasonal item — in this case, the Halloween item — others are pleased that boosters are gone from the rotation.


While one guy claimed he got three identical gliders from five keys and another lamented getting crafted gloves through the unlock ticket (…), a third was showing off the expensive skin unlock he’d received. So, RNG, basically.


Existing players can test out the new preview system by logging into the game and “buying” the free customer appreciation pack, which comes with a key and a chest, so you may as well do that just for the free stuff. Just make sure you unlock all the cheapo skins in the game first.


With luck, you’ll get one of these.


Not one of these.



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